ArcisCap has sponsored several funds, SPVs and transactions; some have been fully funded and invested while others are being funded and invested; and some are under discussion.

Real Estate and Hospitality

Hybrid Debt SPV for a $320m+ Project

$70,000,000(funded & invested)

Pref Equity for a $320m+ Project

$50,000,000(under term sheet)

Hospitality Fund

$150,000,000(being launched)

Theater, Media & Entertainment

Arcis Broadway Productions Fund

$30,000,000(being funded & invested)

M&A Transaction

$50,000,000(under term sheet)

Broadway Licensing Fund

$30,000,000(under discussion)

High-Tech & Innovative Ventures

Direct Venture Investments

$50,000,000+(being funded)

Arcis Accelerated Ventures Fund

$100,000,000Early Stage VC (being funded)

Arcis Growth Ventures Fund

$100,000,000Growth Stage VC (being launched)
Cross-Border PE & VC Investments and Merchant Banking