Tim Tang, Ph.D.

Tim Tang, Ph.D.

Partner, Investment Banking and M&A

Tim Tang, Ph.D., is a Partner of Arcis Capital Partners LLC and focuses on investment banking and M&A transactions.

Before Arcis, he was an executive for 10 years at China Construction Corp., one of the largest construction and real estate development companies in the world, 3 years for Guard Industrie, a Paris based world leader in material-protection technology, and 3 years for a mining company.

Tim’s business career started with a German investment consultant Sino-Asia Consulting after several years of service as an official in the Chinese Army and local government. He has played key roles in $5 billion worth of M&A transactions between Chinese companies and companies from EU, USA, Australia, Pakistan etc.. He is a successful entrepreneur and investor who is well versed in the management and operation in the cross-culture environment.

He holds degrees of BA, MBA and Ph.D. as well as a ACCA certificate. He has been named The National Entrepreneur of Integrity and included in The 100 National Management Talent in the Construction Industry, becoming the cover story of Science Times, Securities Daily.

Tim is also the Acting Chairman of the World Tang Association which represents more than 12 million members all over the world.