Karl Meyer

Karl Meyer

Partner, Venture Capital Investments and M&A

Karl Meyer is a Partner of Arcis Capital Partners LLC and focuses on VC investments and M&A transactions.

Karl was Chief Enterprise Architect for several multi-billion dollar GE businesses for 15+ years.  He played key roles in establishing the technology slate and designed scalable architecture for digital products including the latest predictive analytics platform like ‘GE Predix’.

Furthermore, he was called upon to integrate enterprise systems and technology post-M&A. Earlier on, he established agile processes and DevOPS for GE as a default practice.  He was instrumental in the design of the ‘Brilliant Factory’ initiative in multiple countries.

Over the past 30 years, he has worked closely in business operations in the US, Mexico, Canada, France, Germany, UK, New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan and over 20 other countries. Further, he has assisted startups with his technical insights, development strategy, and multi-generational plans that shared global best practices.  He has served or presently serves on the board of several startups.

He is a graduate of Univ. of California, Santa Cruz in Computer Science.